Paid Traffic Growth

Paid Advertising is the Fastest, Easiest Way to Attract Patients Right Away


Unlike organic growth strategies like SEO and Social Media Marketing, paid advertising through a platform like Google Adwords can be setup immediately and can deliver results just as quickly. It is by far the fastest way to get started with Digital Marketing that will also deliver results you’ll feel immediately. Don’t get us wrong, paid advertising campaigns can be mismanaged but a healthy account that’s been setup and maintained according to best practices will deliver new patients right away.


Paid Advertising will Likely be Your Most Profitable Marketing Channel


We very often see paid advertising accounts become the most profitable marketing channel in a practices arsenal. We still recommend investing in organic marketing including SEO and Social Media for reasons we have outlined on their respective pages (mostly to do with increasing the resale value of your business as an asset should you decide to sell it in the future). However, while a business is up-and-running a well managed paid advertising account usually becomes the most profitable source of new leads for a practice.


M.Ad Has a Blatant and Transparent Approach to Paid Advertising


It’s a pretty simple approach. 99% of the time we recommend Google Adwords for immediately attracting new patients. It’s the fastest and most direct advertising platform on the market. We often get questions about Facebook advertising and other Social Media advertising platforms and they are better for long-term indirect marketing when a company is looking to grow ‘larger’ and gain exposure and brand awareness.


Make Sure the Right Person Builds and Maintains Your Paid Advertising Account


As mentioned above, paid advertising accounts have the potential to be the fastest, easiest and most profitable of all your marketing channels. However, an inexperienced account manager can derail the entire effort resulting in wasted time, energy and money. Always make sure you’re dealing with a Google Certified Specialist who maintains their annual certification. M.Ad all our account managers are proud Google Certified Partners with years of experience managing medical advertising accounts so we know the best practices to deliver the best results.

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